In Dubai and Bangkok: How to Visually DESIGN & Confidently DELIVER your Presentations or Speeches

Are you a Business Leader that has to communicate daily concise and inspirational messages to your Board and/or your or colleagues. Or, perhaps you are a Sales Professional who frequently makes “do-or-die” Sales Presentations to clients? Do you ever find that any of these responsibilities make you feel nervous – or perhaps even intimidated?

We have good news for you! You are not alone! Speaking in the “public spotlight” is frequently cited as one of the most fearful tasks we business professionals have to face. So, in contrast, imagine how your outlook – let alone your career – would change if you enthusiastically looked forward to speaking engagements, Board presentations and Sales Pitches because you knew you would stand and speak with unwavering self-confidence?

In only two days, we can help you feel this self-assured by sharing with you strategies on how to DESIGN and DELIVER your Presentations and Public Speeches! – just as we have coached and trained countless companies and business Leaders across Europe, in The Middle East and throughout S.E. Asia over the last 15 years.

Much of our training is done via Executive Coaching and In-Company Management Training. However, this coming 27 – 28 September in Dubai and 5-6 October in Bangkok, we are offering our highly-acclaimed “Open-to-the-Public”, 2-day, highly-interactive workshop How to Visually DESIGN and  Confidentially DELIVER Your Presentation or Speech workshop.

The links will highlight: 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE; WHO SHOULD ATTEND; and TESTIMONIALS ON THE FASCILITATOR. Moreover, this Eventbrite links also offer a simple and speedy registration and a secure PayPal payment (NOTE: If you complete your “Early Bird” registration by September 8 you can save more than $255).

And obviously, should you have any questions we welcome your direct enquiries.

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