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Your "Top 20" Videos

Your Top 20 Videos

"On Course" for Relationships

"I can tell more about how someone will react in business
from one round of golf than from 100 hours of meetings."
M. McCormack, "What They Don't Teach at Harvard"
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Business Golf - Leaders on course for success

Advance Your Career: The "Game of Business" Meets "The Game of Golf":
Business Golf is an unrivalled tool for executives and managers to network and advance their careers. This is why we pioneered our Leaders "On Course" for Success workshops in Europe in 2002. Simply put, if you are a leading Executive, or aspire to be one, you should be playing golf!

Get Your Team "On Course" for Success:
After your morning meeting, we can offer your team lunch on a golf club terrace and then a fun and motivational team-building incentive afternoon game of golf (golf experience is NOT required).

Improve, or Start, Your Own Company Golf Event:
If your company already hosts a corporate golf event, it is probably falling short of expectations because your very best clients or colleagues who do NOT play golf throw your invitation into the shedder! If you want to improve your existing tournament, or plan your first corporate golf event, we have a unique strategy to ensure that both your golfing and NON-golfing clients and colleagues will definitely attend. Contact us for our "corporate success" stories from our Germany, Dubai and Beijing events.

Business and Golf Humour: (be sure to watch our videos also!)

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