Circular Economy in Cambodia

MGT OPEN is pleased to announce that three of our most popular Public WORKSHOPS will soon be offered in partnership with the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) in Phnom Penh this October 24, 25 and 26. These three separate but related workshops are:

  • The Circular Economy: What and Where are the Opportunities?
  • Communication Strategies: How to Communicate, Connect & Convince?
  • Inspiring Leadership: Academic & Corporate Insights to Become a Great Leader.

For any organisation, a successful shift to operate under circular economy principles will only be possible if the rationale to make this shift is communicated clearly, concisely, and especially, compellingly. Thus, it is vital that any individual or organisation that aspires to make transformative changes of any kind must know how to effectively communicate to all shareholders and stakeholders.

In addition to effective Communication skills, it will take inspiring Leadership skills and strategies to accomplish circular economy or any other transformative changes. This highly-praised Leadership workshop will examine actual “Academic” Leadership programmes taught at Harvard, St Gallen and Columbia plus practical “Corporate” Case Studies to equip you with the skills to not only become an inspiring leader but to truly lead your organisation into the future.

Ask yourself these following:

1. Do you know what the circular economy is?
2. Do you know what exciting business opportunities are hidden in this quickly-emerging, transformational “circular” shift?
3. Are you aware of the latest circular economy business models?
4. Do you know how to effectively communicate your ideas?
5. Are you ready to lead your organisation into the future?

If you answered “NO” to just one of these questions then JOIN US for at least one – or for GREAT VALUE – all three of our highly-related workshops!

Download the flyer: The Circular Economy _ How To Communicate and Lead

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