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Your "Top 20" Videos

Your Top 20 Videos

MGT OPEN "in action" on CNN

"A Masters Class in Business Golf"
From the "Living Golf on CNN" video
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Business Golf - Managers need the right tools to succeed

CNN International believed our "Business Golf" Workshops were so unique that they broadcast our Workshops four separate times to millions of their business viewers in over 152 international countries!

The video will be of interest to all business managers and also of particular interest to Human Resources Managers who are looking for innovative Training Workshops for their companies.

1. MGT OPEN on CNN via video stream
(recommended for DSL or faster connection): Click here.

2. MGT OPEN on CNN via Download:
The video plays 4:45 minutes and will take about 8 minutes to download with DSL. You can continue to work online as the video downloads.
Click here with the right mouse button and choose "save target to ...".

If your viewer asks for a Codecs: Click here.

3. If you use a Mac or a Quicktime viewer format, you can also see MGT OPEN on CNN: Click here.

4. If you would like a CD Rom copy in a "full screen" version of this video, please contact us at info@mgtopen.com and we will be pleased to send you a copy.

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