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"We control fifty percent of a relationship.
We influence one hundred percent of it."
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Communication Training - Learn to Learn Lifestyle Strategies

Our Core Strength is Corporate Communication Training in English, the international language of business. We understand that being adequate in English, even for native-speakers, does not mean your company has the essential skills to successfully compete... or that you, personally, have the skills to quickly advance your career!

A Brief (and Fun) Corporate Communications Quiz at MGT OPEN "Quick Tour" (see left):
We invite you to take a fun quiz to see if your companyís, or your personal, communication skills suffer from CCBA* (*explained in the quiz!)

Our Strategies: We offer Board Member, Executive or Senior Manager Coaching to dramatically improve your communication success. We also provide Group Training for your department or team. Listen to and/or read about "Our Communication Strategies" to the left.

  • Executive Coaching: Learn how to deliver memorable keynote speeches and how to lead your team more effectively and profitably. Learn about our unique COMMUNICATE, CONNECT & CONVINCE and SOAP BOX STRATEGIES in "Our Communication Strategies" to the left.

  • Corporate Communications: Our core strengths are: Effective and Efficient E-Mails, Powerful Persuasive Presentations, Managing and Motivating Meetings, Intercultural Management, Negotiation Skills, Corporate Ethics, Leadership, U. of Cambridge Legal and Financial English Certification Courses and "Business Golf" (view and download PDFs to the left).

"LEARN to LEARN" Benefits:
We provide our clients with practical "Learn to Learn" websites to use long after the training has concluded. The benefits of our unique methodology are: (1) Our clients feel more empowered and self-motivated to "take ownership" of their training needs; (2) As a result, companies can realise significant savings in their training budgets because employees require less training!

MGT OPENís "6-Month Feedback" Follow-up!
We are so confident in our practical "Learn to Learn" pedagogy that we provide our clients with a second Feedback SIX MONTHS AFTER the training! This way we, and also your HR Department, can track and truly measure the "long-term" value of the training. After all, there is no need to train your people IF the training does not result in improved and sustained "on the job" performance. See our "6-Month Feedback" Form and Client Testimonials in Press and Praise.

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