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One of the few “life-changing” training I have had in my career.” ~ Nasri Mohamed\, VP of Customer Experience\, Telekom Malaysia\, Kuala Lumpur\, 2017 \nWHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND?                                                                \nClearly\, the testimonials above provide you with compelling endorsements to participate in this Leadership training. In addition\, whether you are thinking of attending yourself – or if you considering this workshop for colleagues or students – following are more reasons to attend: \nIn late 2017\, LinkedIn surveyed over 2\,000 Executives asking what skills are most needed for the year 2018 and Leadership Skills were ranked #1. (p.s. One of our other MGT OPEN training specialties – namely Communications – was ranked #2).\n \nThis Leadership programme has been highly-acclaimed by our clients across Europe\, in The Middle East and S.E. Asia and it will equip you with a tool box of strategies that you can immediately begin to implement. The workshop will make you intimately familiar with the essential Leadership Strategies such as empathasing\, envisioning\, enabling and empowering. Moreover\, you will leave the training with a comprehensive list of websites\, case studies and other resources that you can use to continue improving your leadership skills long after the workshop has successfully finished. \nPlease note that to promote dialogue and to better manage activities\, the group size will be limited to the first 15 people to register.   \nOUR 1st TRAINING in HK: \nWe have offered our training in Jakarta\, Singapore\, KL\, Beijing\, Bangkok and now look forward to our first workshop in Hong Kong. As this is our first time to the “Pearl of the Orient”\, we are offering the workshop at a GREAT VALUE fee! \nWORKSHOP OVERVIEW:\nThe landscape for business in Hong Kong and globally – and as a result also your career options – is dramatically changing: employees expect more from you; clients have more alternatives; and your corporate and career reach transcends diverse cultures and borders. To be an effective leader today you need to be able to respond to these challenges with emotional intelligence\, expertise and leadership skills that are proven to work! \nIn two intensive but inspiring days\, you will learn contemporary Corporate and Academic Leadership Models that will provide you with a “transformational learning experience”. The result is that you will become a more effective leader with broader horizons who can solve complex problems\, create positive change\, accomplish your targets and\, most importantly\, accelerate and achieve your career success. \nWORKSHOP INCLUDES:\n– Printed Workshop Manual \n– Post-Workshop Summary (PDF) for Continuing Study \n– Framed “Certificate of Accomplishment” \n– Two Group Lunches\, am & pm coffee breaks / snacks \nMORE BENEFITS of ATTENDING:\n– MASTER 10 Communication Strategies to help you lead more effectively \n– RECEIVE actual study materials from MBA LEADERSHIP programmes (Harvard and St. Gallen) \n– LEARN from – and NETWORK with – other Leaders for two interactive and inspiring days to transform your Leadership style and strategies \n– ANALYSE the Key Principles of Leadership \n– BENCHMARK your skills against legendary corporate leaders \n– DISCOVER the differences between Leaders and Managers \n– EMPOWER your Team to take-on more Leadership tasks \n– ASSESS your personal strengths and weaknesses as a Leader \nWHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE?\nThis workshop is designed for professionals from the Private\, Public\, Academic and NGO Sectors – and the Self-employed – who aspire to improve their leadership skills specifically: \n– CEOs\, Board Members and Directors \n– Executive and Senior Managers \n– Faculty and students \n– Department Heads and Team Leaders \n– HR and Corporate Communication Heads \n– Project Managers \n– Self-employed Professionals \n SOME of our RECENT S.E. ASIA CLIENTS:\n– Petronas Oil (Singapore) \n– University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) \n– Telekom Malaysia (KL) \n– Hong Kong Police Force (HK) \n– Chief Minister’s Office (Sarawak) \n– Bangkok University of Entrepreneurship and Management (Thailand) \n– Stamford University (Thailand) \n– itelligence (Malaysia) \n– MicroStrategy (Singapore) \n– Sarawak Energy (Malaysia) \n– JSU Food & Beverages (Indonesia) \n– Inter-Chillers (Australia) \n– Cebu Pacific Air (Philippines) \n– Transit Link (Singapore) \n– Dow Chemical (Singapore) \n– SME Bank (KL) \n– U. of Brunei (Brunei) \nWORKSHOP METHODOLOGY & SYLLABUS:\nThrough an in-depth perspective on legendary leaders from both the corporate and political world you will learn practical\, easy-to-implement strategies to dramatically improve your leadership skills. \nThe two-day programme will be highly interactive encouraging the participants (max. number of 15) to contribute their own personal leadership experiences. The facilitators will offer their expertise\, as well as\, a variety of learning techniques such as corporate and business school case studies\, self-assessments\, videos and interactive activities. \nDAY 1: \nModule 1: Leadership Principles \n– Case Study: St. Gallen Business School -10 Principles of Leadership \n– 10 Communication Strategies to Connect\, Convince and Lead \n– Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence for Leadership \n– The Role of Authenticity \nModule 2: Empowering Your Team \n– Benchmarking your Leadership skills via websites and blogs \n– Learning how to sell benefits when leading colleagues \n– Case Study: The Billboard Simulation-How to Lead Visually \n Module 3: Leadership Style & Culture \n– Leading others emotionally and through memorable storytelling \n– How to create a “Theory Y” culture of involvement at your company \n– Exploring Cultural Factors that influence Leadership \n DAY 2: \n Module 4: Models of Leaders \n– Differences between Managers and Leaders \n– Examining Inspiring Leaders from the Corporate & Political worlds \n Module 5: Vision and Values \n– Determining and implementing Vision & Values in your organisation \n– Case Study: Completing a Leadership Questionnaire that measures your organisations’ Vision \n Module 6: MBA Programmes in Leadership \n– Harvard’s “Snowflake” Approach of Shared Leadership \n– Case Study: The Dancing Guy – The Role of the “1st Follower” as a Leader \n– An in-depth look at “What Leaders Actually Do – The 6 E’s of Leadership” \nSOME RELEVANT FAQs:\nPayment for attending can be conveniently and securely made via Eventbrite and PayPal if you have a PayPal Account (which is easy to set-up). Alternatively\, you contact us via our contact form at and we can make arrangements to send you an invoice. \n80% of the MGT OPEN Training is done In-company. So\, if this 25-26 April Public workshop in Hong Kong schedule is NOT convenient for you – or your organisation – contact us at to schedule Corporate Communication\, Leadership or Sustainability training to be held at your company at a precise time that fits your colleagues’ schedule. * BONUS: Our In-company training also offers great value with per person fees much less than Public workshops. \nBring your laptop and smart phone to the workshop with recent examples of Mission Statements\, Corporate Values\, Presentations\, Speeches\, etc. \nNOTE regarding Refunds: Due to non-refundable pre-payment expenses for hosting this event\, there are NO REFUNDS after the close of business Friday\, 6 April. However\, if you can’t attend for urgent reasons after paying your fee\, you are welcome to send a substitute colleague\, associate\, friend OR attend any of our next regional workshops OR arrange for 1-1 Executive Coaching. \n\n\n Related\n URL: LOCATION:HKUST\, 15/F Hong Kong Club Building\, 3A Chater Road\, Hong Kong\, China CATEGORIES:Open-to-Public ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg:/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Leadership.jpg ORGANIZER;CN="MGT%20OPEN" END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR