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Your Top 20 Videos

Welcome to MGT OPEN

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"The easiest relationship is with ten thousand people,
the hardest is with only one person."
Joan Baez, American song writer.  
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Business Golf - Corporate Partners

Mission: (Because communication is the key to management success!).
To provide inspiring management training so our clients can communicate more effectively, and profitably, with both customers and colleagues... around the globe or across the hall.

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Communication Training: (How to Communicate, Connect and Convince)
We offer both Executive Coaching and Group Communications Training so you can lead your teams more effectively and profitably.

Public Speaking: (The most important career-advancing skill for Executives)
Our Board Member and Executive clients have overcome their fear of Public Speaking and now can "confidently" deliver Conference speeches resulting in greater exposure to promote their careers.

Social Networking: (Get connected and expand your network!)
  • Expand Your Network: Start building relationships with others who share your same career goals and interests. Join us online (see web icons above right of this page to network directly with Gerry Kierans, Managing Director of MGT OPEN).
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Business Golf: (The "Game of Business" meets "The Game of Golf")
Simply put, if you are a leading Executive, or aspire to be one, you should be playing golf! We show you how to advance your career by using golf as a "management tool".

Inspiring Locations: (Your place or ours?)
  • Your Seminar Room: Due to busy schedules, our clients often prefer training at their company.
  • The Rheingau: However, we also offer workshops in the scenic Rheingau (only 45-minutes from Frankfurt) where you can combine your workshop or team meeting with a vineyard stroll, wine tasting or a sunset cruise on The Rhine.

Team MGT OPEN: (Why we are exceptional)
You will gain practical business relevance from our "we-have-actually-done-it-in-real-life" management experience plus benefit from the pedagogical "know-how" of our academic credentials.

Press and Praise: (Clients benefit from our 6-Month Feedback Follow-up)
Read client testimonials and join "Our Corporate Alumni" (see flashing logos left). Your first step to success is to invest "just a few minutes" to review our innovative courses (see "Quick Tour" left).

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Pick-up the phone now and call us for a no obligation 15-minute meeting at your office.

We hope to develop Long Live Relationships with you very soon.

Communication Skills via our "Learn to Learn Lifestyle" methods
Public Speaking for your next meeting, locally or globally
Social Networking for you, your staff and friends to enjoy
Business Golf discover why leaders are "on course" for success!
Inspiring Locations in the heart of Europe or around the globe!
Team MGT OPEN Meet our Management Team!
Press & Praise World media coverage and client testimonials
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