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Your Top 20 Videos

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"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships."
Anthony Robbins, American business advisor
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Meetings and workshops in the Rheingau

Relax and Learn in The Rheingau Vineyards!
Learning is often most effective when managers can relax away from office distractions. Thus, we offer our workshops in the idyllic Rheingau conveniently located only 45-minutes from Frankfurt where you can combine your training with a vineyard stroll and wine tasting or a dinner sunset cruise on The Rhine. If needed, we can also arrange overnight accommodation at a variety of reasonably priced local hotels.

Revitalize Your Staff Meetings and Client Appreciation Events:
Have your meetings or client appreciation events become dull, routine and de-motivating? Our home location in The Rheingau vineyards is the perfect antidote for tedious and routine meetings or events.

Build Closer Bonds with Your Management Working Abroad:
Our love of business and travel, plus enquiries from around the world, has prompted us to introduce our Corporate Communications workshops in some of the world's premier business cities such as Dubai and Beijing. Our team-building Corporate Communications programmes are ideally suited for when the German "Head Office" needs to build closer bonds with their "Subsidiary" management working abroad.

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