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Your Top 20 Videos

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"The difference between golf and government?
In golf, you can't improve your lie."
George Deukmejian, Former governor of California
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Testimonials for MGT OPEN:
Naturally, you would expect us to talk positively about the tremendous Executive Coaching and Corporate Group Training benefits of our workshops.

However, Don't Take Our Word for It!
To discover the benefits of our innovative strategies, from an objective viewpoint, read our testimonials and media articles following:

Our "6-Month Feedback" Follow-up!
We provide our clients with a second Feedback Form SIX MONTHS AFTER the training! This way we, and also your HR Department, can measure the "true value" of your training. After all, if the initial training does not improve long-term "on the job" performance then the training wasted valuable time and money! See a sample of our "6-Month Feedback Form" and "Client Testimonials" below:

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• MGT OPEN on CNN: See or download the video from the upper right of
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