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Your Top 20 Videos

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"Treasure your relationships,
not your possessions."
Anthony J. D'Angelo, American author
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Business Golf - Team MGT OPEN

Team MGT OPEN's Three Cornerstones: The key to our success in Executive Coaching and Corporate Communications, and indeed our competitive advantage, is based on three key cornerstones:

  1. Our "real-world" and "has done it" management experience assures practical relevance.

  2. Our academic credentials guarantee a sound pedagogy.

  3. We customise your training to precisely fit your objectives.

We proudly introduce Team MGT OPEN and their CVs:

• Gerry Kierans, Managing Director Gerry T. Kierans, Managing Director Click Here
  Gerry Kierans CV, Traditional Style Gerry T. Kierans, CV Traditional Style Click Here

  Gerry Kierans Link on Facebook: Facebook

  Gerry Kierans Link on XING: XING

  Gerry Kierans on LinkedIN: LinkedIN

  Gerry Kierans on Twitter: Twitter

• Dr. Gordana Kierans, Academic Advisor Gordana Bjelopetrovic, Women Workshops Click Here

  Dr. Godrana Kierans on XING: XING

• Nick Perlinger, PGA Pro Nick Perlinger, Golf Programs Click Here

MGT OPEN Global Partners Network:
MGT OPEN also has a well-established network of global partners who help facilitate the delivery and organisation of our seminars in your country. Regardless of your global location, we can provide the local knowledge to ensure your training or event exceeds your expectations.

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