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Your "Top 20" Videos

Your Top 20 Videos

Your "Top 20" Videos

"The secret to relationships is not counting beans.
It is growing more beans."
Robert Goizueta, former CEO Coca-Cola
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Your "Top 20" Videos: In the true spirit of Web 2.0, below are the "TOP 20" Videos shared with MGT OPEN. You will find them useful to motivate your colleagues at meetings. Be sure to turn on your speakers and get the popcorn popping! (If you have difficulty viewing them due to Office Filters, simply send a link to your personal e-mail and enjoy them from home).

Your Favourite Video? Let us know which of the videos you enjoyed the most. Also, if you have any "Communication Theme" videos (fun or serious) you wish to share, please send us a link to info@mgtopen.com or post them on our Facebook page: Facebook

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